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Participation in family preservation services can prove to be the key in maintaining the stability and love within a family unit. Through our variety of counseling and support services designed to keep families together, we feel confident that we can help you with your familial concerns today!

At Just A Journey Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC, our services are based on the individual needs of the family. We believe that with intervention and the proper tools, all families can remove themselves from a state of crisis and begin the journey toward healing.

Here are a few examples of the various family preservation services we offer:

• Divorce Counseling- Whether you are recently divorced, in the process of divorcing, or contemplating separation from your spouse or partner, certain family preservation services like divorce or couples counseling can have a positive effect on the resolution of major issues.

• Financial Coaching- Money can often be the root of much distrust, anger, and stress in a relationship or family. Learn the proper tools, processes, and limitations to use when it comes to spending and saving to help alleviate the added anxiety that may stem from poor spending habits and other money-related issues today.

• Family Development and Enrichment- Learning new and different ways to reconnect, empathize, and communicate with other family members is an essential component of family preservation and growth. Discover how development and enrichment exercises can help strengthen your family bond with help from our licensed counselors now!

If you and your family members are having issues with relationships and family life in the Stockbridge, GA or and the surrounding areas, check out our family preservation services at Just A Journey Counseling & Psychological Services, LLC today!

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