Christian Counseling

Christian / Faith Based Counseling is a form of counseling that draws upon psychology and the Christian faith. Christian / Faith Based Counselors approach the counseling process through the lens of the Holy Bible. Clients who seek Christian/ Faith-Based counseling are looking for a counselor who understands the importance of their spiritual beliefs and here at Just A Journey we understand the need for holistic well being, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Minister Jason Floyd has operated in Ministry for over 18 years and has served in various capacities during that time period such as Outreach, Pastoral Care, Christian Counseling, Youth Ministry, Teen Ministry and Men’s Ministry.

At Just A Journey Minister Jason provides support and counseling services by combining theology and spirituality to assist clients on their personal Journey towards finding Hope, Healing, Peace & Recovery! As a minister he has been called on to teach, counsel, and serve both youth, and adults.

Minister Jason holds a bachelors in Biblical Studies and a degree in Christian Counseling from Pneuma Bible Institute and also served as a professor at Pneuma Bible Institute following the completion of his coursework. Minister Jason also holds a bachelors from Georgia Institute of Technology in Business Management and a Masters in Management from the University of Phoenix.

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